Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Installing Google Cloud Print on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Step #1 Open up the Play Store and search for Cloud Print

Step #2 Click on the app named "Cloud Print" Make sure the publisher is "Google Inc."

Step #3 Click on the Install button to install the app

Step #4 Click Accept on the permission requests and allow the app to install

Step #5 To enable Google Cloud Print, open the settings and click on "Connections" then "More networks" then "Printing"

Step #6 Click on "Cloud Print"

Step #7 Click on the enable button in the top right corner

Step #8 Click "OK" on the "Use Cloud Print" warning

Step #9 Wait while Cloud Print searches for printers

Step #10 You should now see you list of Google Cloud Print printers. If you don't see any printers please follow the instructions at Google Cloud Print Support to add your printer.